Contemporary Perspectives on Peace and Non-violence

  Preface - Siby K. Joseph Read
1. Non-violence: A Force for Radical Change - Narayan Desai Read
2. Gandhi, Peace and Non-violence for Survival of Humanity - C.S. Dharmadhikari Read
3. Some Reflections on Gandhi and Non-violence - Adolfo Pérez Esquivel Read
4. Non-violence as a Practical Wisdom - Jean-Marie Muller Read
5. Gandhi and the Beatitudes or Meeting of Spiritualities and Transformation of Values - Louis Campana Read
6. A Gandhi Paradigm for the Design and Development of a Global Network of National Gandhi Centres - M. J. Lunine Read
7. Violence Veiled in Religious Metaphors - Ignatius Jesudasan Read
8. Sarvadharma Samabhava (Gandhian Approach to Inter-religious Relations) - M. P. Mathai Read
9. Gandhian Approach to Peace and Non-violence - Siby K. Joseph Read
10. Gandhi- the Role of Consciousness in Creating a Sustainable Future - Siddhartha Read
11. Third-party Non-violent Intervention in Conflict Areas: from Gandhi’s Shanti Sena to the International Solidarity Movement in Palestine - Veronique Dudouet Read
12. Forgiveness and Conflict Resolution - John Moolakkattu Read
13. The Choice Before Humankind: Non-violence or Non-survival - J. M. Kaul Read
14. Move towards Nuclear Disarmament: The Need for French Initiative - Jean Molénat Read
15. The Choice of Simplicity - Bernard Dangeard Read
16. Civil Society and Peace - Sandip Das Read
17. Human Rights Education in Catania in the 90's - Paula Eagar Read
I. The Contributors Read
II. Gandhi International Read
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