Preface - Siby K. Joseph Read
  PART I - Life of Ravindra Varma
Ravindra Varma - A Brief Life Sketch - Siby K. Joseph
  PART II - Selected Ravindra Varma Memorial Lectures
1. Gandhi and the Encounter of Civilisations - M.P. Mathai Read
2. Gandhi’s Non-violence: Some Reflections - Usha Thakkar Read
3. Gandhi’ s Pancha Mahavrat: Structure, Nature and Praxis -- Ram Chandra Pradhan Read
4. Gandhi and Contemporary Non-Violent Struggles - John S. Moolakkattu Read
  PART III - Selected Speeches and Writings of Ravindra Varma
1. Five Fallacies - And the Future Read
2. Is There an Alternative to A Non-violent Revolution? Read
3. Gandhi’s Theory of Trusteeship: An Essay in Understanding Read
4. Gandhi ’ s Philosophy of Swadeshi Read
  The Contributors Read
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