Reflections on Hind Swaraj

Edited by

Siby K. Joseph
Bharat Mahodaya



Foreword — M.J. Lunine Read
Preface — Siby K. Joseph Bharat Mahodaya Read
1. Hind Swaraj:A Brief Introduction C. S. Dharmadhikari Read
2. Text and Context of Hind Swaraj Renu Bahl Read
3. Re-interpreting Hind Swaraj Ramdas Bhatkal Read
4. On Hind Swaraj Discourse on Institutions and Technology Satish K. Jain Read
5. Hind Swaraj with Special Reference to Medical Care Anand Gokani Read
6. Violence, Civilisation, Language, Sin; in What Order would you put them? Louis Campana Read
7. Hind Swaraj: The Birth of a New Model of Development Antonino Drago Read
8. Relevance of Gandhi’s Critique of Modern Civilization G. Vijayam Read
9. Hind Swaraj: Hundred Years after How Relevant is it today? J.M. Kaul Read
10. Towards a Comprehensive Understanding of Gandhi’s Concept of Swaraj: Some Critical Thoughts on Parel’s Reading of Swaraj Nishikant Kolge, N. Sreekumar Read
11. Swaraj and Governance Siby K. Joseph Read
12. Gandhi: A Proponent of Pre-modernity, Modernity or Post- Modernity ? Ram Chandra Pradhan Read
13. Thought and Action: Example of Gandhi Etienne Godinot Read
  The Contributors Read

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