Preface - Siby K. Joseph, Bharat Mahodaya Read
1. Economic Crisis, Swadeshi and Gandhian Economics - C.S. Dharmadhikari Read
2. Swadeshi: The Greatest Vow of this Age - Radha Bhatt Read
3. What does Swadeshi mean today? - Banwari Lal Sharma Read
4. Swadeshi : A Counter Cultural Concept - Suresh Pandharipande Read
5. Swadeshi :A Perspective - Bharat Mahodaya Read
6. Understanding Gandhi’s Vision of Swadeshi - Siby K. Joseph Read
7. Gandhi’s Vision of a Swadeshi Polity: An Analysis - Ram Chandra Pradhan Read
8. Swadeshi in the Context of the Current Economic Crisis - Louis Campana Read
9. From Modernism to Post-Modernism in Agriculture: The Quest for ‘Swadeshi’ and Sustainability - D. Jeevan Kumar Read
10. Swadeshi Cotton - K. R. Kranthi Read
11. Swadeshi Technology in Solid Waste Management in India - Amiya Kumar Sahu Read
12. Cow: An Integral Part of Swadeshi and Sustainable Development - G. S. Murthy Read
13. Significance of Swadeshi Ideals in the New World Order - Joseph Chittoor Read
14. Swadeshi and Religion - Tanmaya Read
15. Nepal's Polity and Political Economy: A Swadeshi Perspective - Shankar Tiwari Read
I. Towards a Swadeshi Educational System Read
II. The Contributors Read
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