Gandhi, Environment and Sustainable Future

Edited by

Siby K. Joseph
Bharat Mahodaya

A Silver Jubilee Publication
of the Institute of Gandhian Studies


Preface Siby K. Joseph Bharat Mahodaya Read
1. Introduction - Siby K. Joseph Read
2. Gandhian Vision of Environment - C. S. Dharmadhikari Read
3. Integrating our Ideals for Sustainable Realities - Anil K. Lyall Read
4. Gandhi,s Criticism of Industrialization and Modernity; An Environmental Perspective - Nishikant Kolge, Sreekumar N. Read
5. Environment and Spirituality - Tanmaya Read
6. Climate Change - Arindam Ghosh Read
7. The Blind Carrying the Lame: Nuclear Power Programme and Opposition in Southernmost India - S. P. Udayakumar Read
8. Midland Laterite Hill Degradation in Kannur District, Kerala - P. Muraleedharan Read
9. Discovering Gandhian Thought: Perspectives of Women in Grassroots Environmental Struggles from Kerala - Anitha S. Read
10. Genetically-Engineered Agriculture and the Re-invention of Nature - A Recipe for Ecological Disaster ! - D. Jeevan Kumar Read
11. GM Technology and Sustainable Agriculture Future: Some Reflections Based on Bt Cotton Experience in Maharashtra and Gujarat - P. K. Viswanathan, N. Lalitha Read
12. Natural Resource Management - Creating Leadership for Confidence Building Amongst Farmers in Vidarbha District Especially in the Light of Suicides Taking Place Amongst Them - Soham Pandya Read
13. Save Earth and Conserve Moisture Through Continuous Contour Trenching (C. C .T.) - Vasant G. Talkalkar Read
14. "NIRMALI": An Appropriate Typical Technological Solution for on-site Sewage Treatment System in Unsewered Urban Areas - S.M. Dhabadgaonkar Read
15. Co-Digestion of Cattle dung with Poultry Droppings in an Anaerobic Bio-Digester - Shanta Satyanarayan, Rama Kant Read
16. Low in Water High on Hygiene The Centre of Science for Villages (CSV) Approach - Sameer Kurvey Read
  Contributors Read

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