Contemplating Gandhi - Essays on Mahatma,s life and thought

Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari
  1. Some Reminiscences of Mahatma Gandhi
  2. Mindset Behind Gandhi,s Assassination
  3. Culture of Peace: Some Reflections
  4. Gandhi: The Commander of Brave Soldiers
  5. Unpleasant Fatherhood of the Father of the Nation
  6. Taking the Law into One’s Hands:Its Appropriateness and Inappropriateness
  7. Mainstay of Humanist Faith
  8. Gandhiji and Harijans
  9. The Issue of Purity of Means in Our Times
  10. Gandhi,s Expectations from Our Judicial System
  11. Gandhi,s Preferred System of Governance
  12. Gandhi,s Concept of Trusteeship
  13. Towards a Gandhian Educational System
  14. Gandhian Vision of Environment and Development
  15. Gandhian Economics: Some Observations
  16. Gandhi and Multi-National Companies
  17. Gandhiji and Social Institutions
  18. Success and Failure of Sarvodaya Institutions
  19. Baba Saheb and Mahatma
  20. Importance of Motherhood
  21. Jyotiba Phule: The First Mahatma
  22. Ba: The Fragrance of Kasturi
  23. Bhagat Singh and Gandhi
  24. Who is Scared of Gandhi and Why?
  25. The Real Context of Gandhi’s Fast
  26. Sevagram Ashram
  27. Socialism and Secularism
  28. Guarding the Vanguard
  29. What Gandhi Would Have Done If Alive Today?
  1. Gandhi,s Last Will and Testament
  2. Dharmadhikari Family and Mahatma Gandhi
  3. A Chronology of Major Events in Gandhi,s Life
  4. Glossary 316
  5. Bapu,s Daily Routine in Sabarmati and Sevagram Ashram Select Bibliography

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